Letter to our friends

March 25, 2006

The Annunciation of the Lord 2006

Dear Friends,

During High mass chaired by Mgr Herbst, auxiliary bishop of Prague, the Abbot of Sept-Fons, has accepted today the solemn vows of Brother Jean Paul. Brother Jean Paul began his monastic formation in France, in Sept-Fons, but his nativel parish was located in the south part of Bohemia, same as Cardinal Vlk. Brother Jean Paul is part of the original founder group of our Novy Dvur and it was so nice that he could finish his apprenticeship here in Novy Dvur. The same day, Father Abbot also accepted brother Bernard temporary vows, Brother Bernard is our first beginner.

With a heating of destiny, on a soil on earth beaten and under voutes roughly rendered, we did organize a lunch with the families in our future hosterellie still under work. Without your generosity, our community would not exist. We entrust it to your prayers.

Monastery of Nový Dvůr
Father Samuel

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