You can entrust your Mass intentions to us / Review of our works and of your donations

You can entrust your Mass intentions to us

Any Mass pours onto the living and the dead the infinite treasures of grace that Jesus Christ's sacrifice has obtained. Mass stipends are personal offerings that a Christian gives the priest to help him live, just as the tithe the Jewish people offered the Levites enabled them to devote themselves totally to God. A Christian thus gives something of himself so that the graces of the Sacrifice fall particularly on those he cares for, whether they are alive or deceased.

Review of our works and of your donations

Highly recommended by the Abbot General, the building sites at Sept-Fons should proceed to their realization phase in the coming months, God willing...! To achieve their objectives, the Brothers need you.

At Nový Dvůr, despite a significant decrease in our commercial orders during the second half of the year, our economic situation should enable us to take care of some future building sites on our own; the guests' chapel and the reception area, changing the location of the kitchen in order to enlarge the refectory (now too small), the fitting of a convenient cloakroom on the premises left empty after the workshops were moved into the new building. Scheduled date: spring 2015.

At Sept-Fons, as at Nový Dvůr, we are often appealed to for support by monastic communities, associations, religious, Christian editors, families, etc... As far as we are concerned, we are restoring the Krašov church and the Nečtiny presbytery, where we lived before the foundation of our monastery. It now welcomes groups of young people with their chaplains. You allow us to expand this aid when you send a donation. If you wish more details, please write to me. In 2015, we hope that the amount of our donations will exceed the amount of yours. If we succeed, I will write a report for you by the end of the year.

Once again thank you,

Father Augustin, Prior and Accountant.

Since it has become impossible (for the reasons we explained you at the time) to obtain a tax relief on your donations through the King Baudouin Foundation US, we have sought other possibilities. We even considered creating a Nový Dvůr Foundation in the USA. Unfortunately, apart from the work it would demand from our Brother Accountant, such a foundation would face expenses that would be much too high. It is, alas, better to leave this idea behind. We sincerely thank all those who carry on sending gifts, even though they are no longer tax-deductible.

We shall continue our search for a suitable solution.

For prospective legacies, or for exceptional donations, Brother Frederic will find solutions.

Nový Dvůr Abbey, Dobrá Voda 20, CZ 364 01 Toužim

September, 2nd 2014